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Music consists of many elements, but the success of any recording artist depends on publishing, traditional retail and online distribution, touring, music licensing, label and product management and CD manufacturing. Music publishing is a mainstay of the music industry.  Without it, songwriters and composers might lose royalties that are their largest source of income.  Ensure that you are properly compensated for your work. The distribution company will have the most impact on physical sales. Too often artists sign away the rights to their product without really understanding the pros and cons of the deal.  An ineffective distributor will insure your record goes nowhere. Our extensive knowledge of the music licensing business ensures you get everything you are entitled to.


The single purpose of urArtist network’s management is to help you succeed. Our managers are seasoned veterans of the music industry. They have ridden the wave from trend to trend and foreseen many of the ups and downs in the market that have taken others completely by surprise. We mentor your career from the recording and manufacture of your album to retail and distribution; from promotion and public relations to securing sponsorship; from booking gigs to tour management. We’ll be right beside you, every step of the way. We are your partners.


Ongoing technical advancements enable endless marketing opportunities in the industry. urArtist network has built and maintained strong resources and relationships both internally and externally to reach set targets and generate a reaction from targeted audiences. Some of these marketing services can include: Interactive Digital Media Marketing, Radio & Video Promotion, Entertainment Strategy Development, Database Communication, Creative Services & Development, Lifestyle Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Publicity & Media Relations.



From studio production, TV production and event planning, urArtist network knows that great quality audio and visual production should be executed under one umbrella. It involves an experienced studio producer that helps with songwriting, audio and video recordings, and studio/backline rentals. Television production helps create live broadcasts, music videos, and genre-specific programming, and from intimate gathering to city-wide festivals, urArtist network offers strategic event planning to elevate the artist to the masses.



urArtist network offers education in technical engineering, production lessons, performance caps, entertainment business, and management. Expand your potential with training in technical engineering, lighting, producing and directing. Increase your proficiency with vocal coaching, instrument training, music composition workshops and songwriting seminars. Build your confidence and enhance your stage presence with easy-to-learn choreography and dance techniques.


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